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Rejuvenation Therapy Treatment powered by Healthy Wave Mats

Includes a 5 therapy wellness solution that has key therapies to promote healing and circulation. The therapy mats offer far-infrared heat, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), photon light rejuvenation, negative ions, and natural crystals. As you relax for 30 minutes the Healthy Wave Mat provides far-Infrared heat therapy through the use of crystals including amethyst, jade & tourmaline. When heated these crystals create far-infrared heat that penetrates the body to improve blood flow & microcirculation by expanding blood vessels and relaxing the surrounding muscles. These specialized far-infrared heat waves increase metabolism and relieve pain. 

$25 per 30 min session

If you pair a massage along with the rejuvenation therapy your 30 minute session will be $20

10 visits $150 (can also be paired with a massage to further maximize healing)

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