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IV Hydration Therapy


We will offer a variety of IV drips to help improve your optimal health. Each IV drip contains different ingredients that address your specific health needs.

Myers Cocktail

A bag of fluid mixed with vitamins. This is an all-in-one drip that helps with fatigue, immune support, jet lag, hydration, and energy boost. 



A blend of vitamins to help with an immune boost before or during an illness. It helps reduce the severity and duration of the illness.



A mix of vitamins to rehydrate and detox the body to help eliminate toxins and free radicals


Basic Hydration

Basic Hydration is where we administer a bag of saline for hydration, nothing is added.



This infusion relaxes, reduces anxiety, and elevates your mood.


Beauty/Hair, Skin, & Nails

This infusion helps make your skin glow, boost collagen production, and elastin for hair growth and nail growth.



An infusion to help clear acne and prevent it. this infusion can brighten your skin as well.



A bag of fluid infused with vitamins for a boost in energy and focus



A blend of vitamins to help rescue you from a hangover. This helps with headaches, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and more.



This is a 2-hour IV infusion containing NAD+ in a saline bag. It's a co-enzyme in cells that is important for cell viability and function. NAD+ converts nutrients to energy in the cells. This helps with sleep, brain fog, memory, anti-aging, reduces inflammation, long-covid, detox, and more.


Metabolic/Weight Loss

This infusion helps boost your metabolic function and increases energy levels.



This mixture helps your skin glow, reduces wrinkles, dark spots, and improves skin texture.



Great infusion for those who suffer from headaches/migraines and aches and pains in general.


**Each infusion can be administered every 2 weeks unless doctors note is provided**

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