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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Ashley Riley, one of our LMTs,  provides Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage here at Tranquility


30mins- $65 

60mins- $90 


MLD Consult -$15 

Packages save $50 

Package of 3 

30mins- $145 

60mins- $220 

Package of 5 

30mins- $275 

60mins- $400 

Package of 10 

30mins- $600 


Dry Brushing Add-on 

1 area - $15 (15 min.) 

Whole body - $40 (30 min.)

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD is a type of specialized gentle massage intended to encourage the natural drainage or flushing of lymph fluids in the lymphatic system while also activating the parasympathetic nervous system to help you feel relaxed. The Lymphatic system is the body’s waste removal network, it runs in the form of tiny tubes throughout our body and keeps our immune system clean and healthy. This type of massage is used to remove or flush toxins out of our bodies by circulating the built up lymph fluid towards the areas of concentrated lymph nodes, which include in the neck, behind the ears, under the chin, under the arms, in the abdomen and at the inguinal region where the legs meet the trunk of the body.

Who needs MLD

MLD is safe for mostly everyone except for a few exceptions which you are able to talk to your therapists about. For the most part MLD can be used on patients who: 

- Are frequently ill 

- Have headaches or sinus issues often 

- Have minor edema or swelling 

- Major edema they should be seen by a doctor before any body work is done **requires physician note

- Post-cancer patients **requires physician note 

- Post surgical patients (plastic surgery or others)**requires physician note

Exceptions include: 

- Anyone sick or running a fever over 100 should NOT get MLD 

- Cardiovascular or kidney disorders should be considered carefully 

- Active cancer patients should be consider carefully

-Active Deep Vein Thrombosis

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How should I prepare? 

- Eat light and healthy for a few days before 

- Drink plenty of water before AND after 

- Dress comfortably, as you will be asked to disrobe but will be professionally draped at all times 

- No oils or lotions are used 


What should I expect? 

- Extremely gentle and feather-like rhythmic touch 

- No gliding strokes will be used but rather a more superficial movement of the skin a short distance under the therapist’s hand 

- The body parts that will be covered are based on every individual patient's goals and will be consulted with the patient right before the service starts 

How often should I get MLD? 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is most successful as a series of treatments. A session usually lasts from 30 minutes- 60 minutes depending on the intended goal of the patient.

- First session- begins the movement of the lymph fluid 

- Second session- picks up the remaining toxins left over and should be scheduled a couple of days after the first 

- Third session- makes sure the movement of the fluid is keeping its momentum and should be scheduled a week after the second 

Occasionally the therapist may think additional sessions are necessary. 

After the first series of sessions is done you should return as needed for maintenance. If you are receiving post-surgical MLD, more sessions may be needed. The more frequent the sessions the faster the healing occurs, however, everyone is different. 


- Physician notes are needed for major edema, cancer, and post-surgical patients for work to be done 

- If you wait until you feel horrible for your next session, the process will need to be started over 

- Dry brushing before showering helps maintain the flow and flushing of toxins between sessions 

- Compression garments can also be used, you may see a Physician to get fitted for your size specifically or our RN can do some wrapping techniques for your edema.

- Adding Jade rolling or Gua-sha to your skincare routine helps facial lymph drainage

- Any daily exercise helps keep the movement of fluids as well 


MLD is known to help: 

- Chronic fatigue 

- Sinus relief 

- Body detoxification 

- Digestion 

- Speed of the healing process 

- Inflammation 

- Symtoms from autoimmune disorders ex. Fibromyalgia 

- Edema (swelling) and lymphedema

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